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    In the mountains

    20. September 2009 - Saudarkrokur-Horses

    loa-2The last two weekends we have been in the mountains, getting our horses back. The weather was good and everything went well. It is really fun to be in the mountains in great weather and in a group of good friends. Read the rest of this entry »


    15. September 2009 - Saudarkrokur-Horses

    dscf5270In early June, the one year old horses got a little rope training. One of them was Særún, daughter of Hvita-Sunna and Adall from Nýja-Bæ, very beautiful. Særún was quick to learn and these pictures were taken when she had stayed in the stable for one day.

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    Hervar dot com is running again

    15. September 2009 - Saudarkrokur-Horses

    dscf5285Finally after a long pause, we are writing news again. Svala has agreed to manage the site our plan is to write regularly news of the work. Svala is on the photo with the leader Blaer 32 years old on Mikliholl this summer.

    Hvita-Sunna got a foal

    17. June 2009 - Saudarkrokur-Horses

    dscf5213Hvita-Sunna got a foal last Friday. Male foal was born. The father is Hrodur from Refstadir. This is the first male foal from Hvita-Sunna but she has given us three mares. They didn’t stay long in Saudarkrokur, but went south where Hvita-Sunna will meet Krakur from Blesastaðir. The small has not yet been named.

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    More foals

    5. June 2009 - Saudarkrokur-Horses

    1When Audur was going to check her new born foal, Hekla came running to her. It was abvious that something was wrong. When Audur stepped out of the car, Hekla turned and took a run in to the house and went for Audur with her head out of the door. Later Audur found out that she couldnt deliver a hugh foal and she needed a help. We called to animal doctor and he managed to drag the foal out of Hekla, and the foal was still alive. A black male foal, son of Gammur from Steinnes. Read the rest of this entry »