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    Sveinn Gudmundsson horse breeding started in 1954 when the mare Ragnars-Brunka was first introduced, and she was owned by Ragnar Pálsson who was Sveinn brother in law.

    Ragnars-Brúnka then became our first breeding mare in our breeding and every horse in our own are related to her.

    Her daughter Sida became a great breedingmare and out of Ragnars-Brunka and Sida have been born amazing horses.

    Our goal has always been to breed a spirited, good tempered and talented horses.

    Out of our breeding has come many great horses and influense has spread out all over the world.

    Many of the best horsebreeding farms is Iceland today has desire to our breedingline.


    The family lives in Saudarkrokur, a town located in the famous horsebreeding province Skagafjordur. In Saudarkrokur we have a fine baiting land, and a stable where the horses are trained.

    The land Mikliholl is owned by us, it is located in Vidvíkursveit, grate land and every conditions great for uppbringing horses.

    We also have a land in Hegranes, a lot of gras and wind protected land.

    Every time, emphasize a good associate with the baiting land, and the horses are with the best conditions as possible.